AI in Evidence Synthesis Webinar

Prepare yourself for a webinar that explores of the intersection between AI and evidence synthesis.

We are thrilled to co-host a dynamic collaboration between Laser AI and Nested Knowledge for a live-streamed event. Join us as we delve into the realm of AI-driven evidence synthesis, featuring esteemed guests Dr. Nancy Hedlund and Dr. Robby Nieuwlaat.

The Discussion

As innovators in AI-powered systematic review solutions, Nested Knowledge and Laser AI are excited to bring to you, the role of AI in evidence synthesis and its impact on the healthcare sector. Our guests have been carefully selected for their profound expertise in the field and their extensive familiarity with each respective platforms. Through their professional insights and experiences, we aim to offer comprehensive perspectives on the integration of AI in evidence synthesis.

Our Guests:

Dr. Nancy Hedlund: With a distinguished career as a Senior Healthcare Executive, Managing Director, and Real World Data (RWD) Scientist & Advisor, Dr. Nancy Hedlund brings invaluable insights into the utilization of AI in her professional endeavors.

Dr. Robby Nieuwlaat: Serving as an associate professor in the Health Research Methods, Evidence & Impact department at McMaster University and the director of the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Epidemiology (GDCE) program, Dr. Robby Nieuwlaat offers profound expertise in evidence synthesis.

If you're eager to explore the potential of AI in evidence synthesis for your organization, watch the recorded webinar here. The webinar took place live on February 29th, 2024, at 9 am CT on our YouTube channel and is currently available for viewing.