BiotechX 2023 Europe Conference

A BiotechXEU graphic with Basel Switzerland in the background

The Laser AI team had the exciting opportunity to participate in the BioTechX Europe conference held in Basel, Switzerland, from October 4th to 6th, 2023.

As a leading event in Europe, BioTechX encompasses diagnostics, precision medicine, and digital transformation in drug development and healthcare. The conference served as a hub for fostering collaboration among pharmaceutical professionals, academia, and clinicians.

The team, consisting of Artur Nowak (CTO), Pawel Kunstman (President), and Piotr Oczkowicz (Head of Sales), were actively engaged at BioTechX. They had meaningful interactions with like-minded professionals and showcased our AI-based living systematic review tool, Laser AI, to numerous attendees.

Laser AI plays a crucial role in elevating living systematic reviews by enabling real-time data extraction, efficient screening, collaborative efforts, and streamlining the overall review process. Researchers can leverage the capabilities of Laser AI to navigate the complexities of living systematic reviews, ensuring their reliability, currency, and impactful contributions to the field.