Evidence Prime is an official World EBHC Day Evidence Ambassador!

Evidence Prime has officially become an Evidence Ambassador of World Evidence-Based Healthcare Day.

Today on October 20, we are celebrating this special occasion. The campaign for World EBHC Day 2022 focuses on 'Partnerships for Purpose' and how partnerships within and across the global evidence ecosystem work to bridge research, policy, and practice and realize the potential of evidence-based healthcare.

Justyna Litynska, Product Manager at Evidence Prime, shares the secret behind a successful partnership that led to the creation of a database of COVID-19-related recommendations.

Watch the video Success of partnerships during the pandemic in three F's:

  • Flexibility
  • Feedback
  • Focus

#WorldEBHCDay Webinar

Moreover, World EBHC Day is an opportunity to educate a broad audience about the need for better evidence to inform health policy and practice and encourage debate and discussion amongst the global evidence community. To celebrate this day, we are organizing a new webinar focusing on the emerging theme of living reviews. The webinar will take place on October 26 at 11:00 EDT!

Join us if this topic sounds interesting to you.

Join the #WorldEBHCDay campaign!

World EBHC Day 2022 draws attention to the innovative and collaborative partnership initiatives within and across the global evidence ecosystem. It seeks to raise awareness, stimulate debate and shine a light on best practices in the science and art of working in partnership to bridge research, policy, and practice and realize the potential of #EBHC.

There is a growing concern, which has been heightened during the pandemic, about making partnerships and collaboration equitable for — and beneficial to — all partners. Although willingness to collaborate has increased, vested interests, bureaucracy, and inability to change remain limiting factors. Around the globe, organizations have set up networks, task forces, and working groups to coordinate efforts and overcome some of these challenges.

The 2022 campaign aims to examine partnerships and practical considerations around establishing different types of partnerships, accelerating innovation, ensuring equity and integrity, overcoming challenges and biases, lessons learned, and achieving impact for improved health outcomes globally.

Share your experiences, contribute your knowledge, and join the campaign!

There are many ways you can participate and celebrate #WorldEBHCDay. Go to https://worldebhcday.org/take-action