Evidence Prime's trips

The new year has already bloomed, but we want briefly remind where you had met us in 2017.April 26-28: extremely important meeting for quite a team from Evidence Prime in Rome. Our Product Development team and Systematic Review team participated GRADE Working Group Meeting. A unique occasion to meet the fathers of GRADE and experts in other evidence-based medicine fields. Opportunity to get feedback and collect software needs of top guideline developers and methodologists from all over the world.

September was a month of GRADE Planet initiative in Cape Town that gathered much positive feedback. Days during Global Evidence Summit were full of intensive meetings, discussions, informative workshops and collecting new perspectives for health-care aspects.

October 16-17: Our CEO Zbyś attended International Collaboration for the Automation of Systematic Reviews (ICASR) in London, where people worked on systematic review automation from a variety of perspectives.

November 15-17: Evidência em Saude Conference in Brasil was a moment of debut for Bart as a lecturer and a workshop leader. Our chef of Product Development gave basics about GRADE approach and much more about systematic review development and guideline process using GRADEpro.

In 2018 for now we are planning to visit:Vancouver for Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi) ConferenceManchester for G-I-N ConferenceEdinburgh for Cochrane ColloquiumDuring the events above you can expect news about GRADEpro and presentation of some new functionalities based on our main software. Stay tuned!If you have more ideas where our workshops or our presence would be beneficial or just want to meet Evidence Prime team during other events contact us to help us schedule our timetable (eric.duclos@evidenceprime.com).