Free GRADEpro Teams licenses for COVID-19 projects

In the light of the ongoing pandemic, Evidence Prime offers GRADEpro Teams licenses for all COVID-19-related guideline projects to any interested party free of charge.

This offer allows the COVID-19 teams to use all commercial extensions of GRADEpro, free of charge and without a time limit, including the PanelVoice module for holding remote, virtual guideline panels.

Evidence Prime is committed to the best support of over 62.000 of our users. Considering the impact of the coronavirus on our user lives and work, we have already provided the PanelVoice free of charge to all teams whose projects were impacted by the epidemic.

Now, we extend the offer to the complete suite of our tools (including commercial modules) – GRADEpro Teams, for use in any COVID-19-related project.

GRADEpro GDT is a suite of free, advanced tools for guideline development based on the GRADE methodology. The GRADEpro Teams suite contains additional modules for rapid, collaborative scoping, evidence assessing and developing the guidelines, including preparation and holding the guideline panels in a remote, distributed fashion.

The functionalities of GRADEpro Teams are particularly well-fitted to answer the challenges of the current, largely locked-down world.

PanelVoice can re-enable projects that had to be postponed owing to COVID-19 pandemics. If you would prefer not to wait but rather hold the “meeting” virtually using a modified Delphi approach to build consensus and make recommendations, you can do that with PanelVoice.

If you would like to take advantage of one of our COVID-19 related offers, please contact us at

We are always looking forward to supporting your project!