Frequently Asked Questions. Part 1.

What can I do with GRADEpro software?

Quick summary:

  • GRADEpro is a software to support systematic review and guidelines creation process
  • GRADEpro is highly customisable and adaptable software
  • Please see below list of functions. Don’t see your requirements? - contact us on!


GRADEpro is a web based software designed to support the process of systematic review and guideline development. GRADEpro was built to maximally mimic those processes and give you best tools to support your work on every next step of guideline production process. GRADEpro is also a highly customisable tool. We have a vast experience of work with groups, who wanted to customise the software to their needs. We encourage every group with above - standard requirements to contact us to allow us to cooperate and develop new GRADEpro functionalities for their use. Please contact us on: with your ideas.

At the moment (March 2018) below list of functionalities is available:
  • Task management module - for your panel management
  • Team management module (roles, accesses)
  • Conflict of interest
  • Scope of the project generation (Questions generation, Outcomes generation - 7 step group process)
  • References Management module
  • Prognostic questions module (Baseline risk)
  • Evidence summary (Including interactive Summary of Findings)
  • Diagnostic type of questions
  • Evidence to decision framework
  • Multiple Interventions Comparison module
  • Panel Voice - remote panel management module
  • Authoring module
  • Multiple publication formats
  • Decision Aids
Above that below GRADEpro functions are commonly used:
  • Online co-working
  • Panel online voting
  • Offline use
  • iSoF and guideline presentation formats external links (for publications)
  • Narrative evidence descriptions
  • RevMan integration (import, export, Cochrane Archie account integration)
  • Software available in multiple language versions