Frequently Asked Questions. Part 2.

What do I need to use GRADEpro?

Quick summary:

  • Mac or PC computer
  • Web browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  • Internet connection (after a first use GRADEpro is able to work without internet connection)
  • GRADEpro account


Due to the complexity of the content presented (tables with many columns, extensive documents) GRADEpro was created to work best on computers (both PC and Mac). Like any other internet software you will be able to access it on your tablet or phone, however we did not design GRADEpro to work flawlessly with touch screens. That is why a computer is recommended to view and edit data in the software.Additionally you will require a “modern browser”, and by this we mean as newest version of Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox as possible. Some very old browsers didn’t support yet technologies we used to create GRADEpro, so for example you may have problems to use GRADEpro, if your version of Chrome originates from 2013. At that time Google didn’t support some of the technologies used to create our software, so on such machines you might experience troubles with running GRADEpro.GRADEpro also requires the internet connection on the first launch on a single computer. On the first use, GRADEpro will automatically download to your computer all the required files. That is why we need you to have internet connection on the first use. Later, you are able to use GRADEpro without internet connection (because all needed files were automatically downloaded to your computer on the first launch). Please remember that “offline mode” was created to allow you to work without internet in exceptional situations, like travel by plane. GRADEpro still works best when used with the internet connection enabled.You also need to create a GRADEpro account on the first use. This account will identify you as a user in our system and allow to keep your data private and secure.