Frequently Asked Questions. Part 3.

Can I use GRADEpro on a tablet or a phone?

Quick summary:

  • GRADEpro will generally work on a phone or a tablet.
  • GRADEpro was not designed to work on those devices.
  • You may encounter problems in the interaction with the software.
  • We offer a service to create your own mobile application with guidelines in App Store and Google Play.


We created GRADEpro as an online software to be used on computers. We always believed that complex information gathered in evidence tables requires a larger screen to be presented. That is why our tool is made primarily to be used on PC class computers like Mac or Windows based PC.Modern devices offer access to modern mobile web browsers with vast functionalities. In general GRADEpro can be used on any device, which supports a modern browser. That is why you will be able to run and view the data on tablets and phones. Just please remember, that we didn’t design this software to be compatible with small touch screens, that is why it may sometimes cause troubles.GRADEpro allows guidelines to be published as mobile applications on iOS system and Android system. Such applications can be created with data entered in GRADEpro and those mobile applications offer data synthesis presented in the mobile-designed format. There is an example of a mobile application created by a GRADEpro tool:

Creation of a mobile application requires some work by our developers to customise your application and prepare it for publication in App Store or Google Play, that is why its creation requires a separate contract and cannot be done automatically by yourself.