Frequently Asked Questions. Part 7.

I used old GRADEprofiler software. Is GRADEpro similar?

Quick summary:

  • GRADEpro is not an old GRADEprofiler.
  • GRADEpro basis were made on the old GRADEprofiler’s content.
  • GRADEpro was not made by GRADEprofiler’s programmers.
  • You are able to import files from GRADEprofiler to GRADEpro.
  • We do not support GRADEprofiler or provide old GRADEprofiler’s installation files.


GRADEprofiler software was the old, windows only based software used to create evidence profiles. In 2013 we’ve decided to remake the software, calling the new version “GRADEpro” and creating it with use of modern, web based technologies which are being widely used nowadays in software production. We’ve taken all the content from the old GRADEpro and remade it to the modern standards. Since 2013 GRADEpro expanded with multiple different modules, not present in the old GRADEprofiler, to become a most commonly used software in guideline development.If you have files from the old GRADEprofiler you are able to import them to GRADEpro. GRADEpro allows you to do all the tasks you were able to do with the old GRADEprofiler software.GRADEprofiler production and support is discontinued.