Frequently Asked Questions. Part 9.

How much does it cost to use GRADEpro software?

Quick summary:

  • Please refer to our terms of use, section “Fees and charges
  • Standard use of GRADEpro is subscription based and costs 50$ per month.

More info here:

  • Teachers, Students and participants of courses can use GRADEpro for free. Just create and account and use!
  • Additionally Cochrane reviewers and defined group of individual researchers can use the software for free.
  • We encourage everyone to try our standard, subscription based license offering several functionalities, which makes your work with GRADEpro even faster and more pleasant. For more details please refer here: [website]
  • We have a special offer, suited for larger organizations, guideline groups and institutional collaborators. It greatly enhances the group work experience and provides several unique functionalities available exclusively to groups. To find more please refer to:


We want to provide you best possible experience in your work on systematic reviews and guidelines, but also a system fit to your needs, that is why our offer is diversified and crafted to meet your expectations.Standard GRADEpro licence costs 50$ per month and is a best choice for everyone who uses GRADEpro for their everyday work on systematic reviews and within small guideline groups. The set of functionalities included is ideal for any individual and member of a small group. Every standard account comes with a selection of evidence profile and guideline creation modules, like: conflict of interest, simple team management, modules for questions and outcomes generation process, evidence summary, evidence to decision module, variety of presentation modules and possibility of publication to free and open publication portal - Database of Guidelines and Evidence profiles.Additionally any standard GRADEpro user can co-work on evidence and guidelines with other users and gains access to a few exclusive enhancements, created by us to benefit users who decide to support the GRADEpro project by choosing a standard license. In the end, whenever needed, standard license users gets access to a dedicated priority support team, assembled by us to service the software on the every day basis.GRADEpro is the leading software in the industry but also in the education of the people, who want to expand their knowledge and experience in the field of evidence based medicine. That is why for many years we have offered a free options to use our software for defined group of users. GRADEpro can be used for free for any teaching and educational purposes, including use for participation in any courses in which our software can be used.Additionally, we want to make sure, that people who benefit the community with their time and work can use the best tools in the market to fulfil the tasks. We gladly support Cochrane authors who prepare their reviews and individual researchers, whose work benefit the international community by allowing them to use the software for free within the academic license use. For more information please refer our terms of use.We also understand the complexity of the guideline development process and the differences between groups in their approach to the topic. That is why we want to bring the most customised service to groups and organisations by providing our Enterprise License for GRADEpro software. The Enterprise license brings new functionalities, most usable to groups including volume licensing, convenient payment forms and invoicing, organisation management, enhanced organisation projects control, exclusive modules (PanelVoice, guideline manager), guaranteed software accessibility monthly levels (SLA) and software support (including individual training sessions and custom requests). For more information please refer or contact