#GIN2018 and GRADE Planet

Initiative of GRADE Planet as promoting of GRADE approach in guideline development and as campaign of rational thinking in the public sphere met so friendly and favourable reception during G-I-N days in Manchester. Our team of Aldona, Daria, Zbyś and Bart shared funny t-shirts, stickers and GRADE Planet idea with attendees and we made a nice acquaintance with many GRADE people.

We try to support GRADE idea with easy to understand slogans and spread belief that knowledge and policy-making based on strong evidence and critical thinking can improve the quality of people’s lives.

In the early days of the #GRADEplanet action, during the Global Evidence Summit in Cape Town in September 2017, a lot of attendees and friends from all around the world lent us tremendous support by signing the Homo Sapiens Manifesto as the symbol of rational thinking. We’ve selected a few dangerous myths that need to be refuted, we’re standing up to call lies for what they are, and we’re reminding the world that humanity owes its achievements to the power of reason, education, and science! Let's make the planet GRADE and check the GRADE Planet Foundation website searching for resources or inspiration.