GRADEpro & RevMan 5

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new deep integration between GRADEpro and Review Manager 5 (RevMan 5). From now on you will be able to connect your Cochrane account (Archie account) with your GRADEpro account, to share and update your review data between those tools in real time, without the need to download or swap files back and forth.

With your Cochrane account connected you will be able to import any of your reviews to GRADEpro. They will all be available under “Import project: Choose review from Archie server”.

The new integration comes with multiple benefits:

  • All your reviews on Archie are available directly in GRADEpro
  • GRADEpro “knows” about your review changes in RevMan and automatically offers the option to update the data
  • Data can be upgraded with one click in the same project. There is no need to create a new GRADEpro project with every review update done in RevMan.
  • Ready summary of findings tables can be exported from GRADEpro directly to your RevMan review, automatically populating the correct review document section.

We hope that this new level of integration between tools will make your work easier and faster.Want to know more about the process? Read this article: "How to use the new GRADEpro - RevMan 5 integration".Have more questions? Drop us an email at or check the software at