How to use the new GRADEpro - RevMan 5 integration

The new GRADEpro - RevMan 5 deep integration brings our users a completely new experience regarding the use of both tools together in one system. In this short post we would like to present the highlights of this new functionality, and to show how to maximise the benefits of the integration:

1. Direct review import

Connected accounts make it possible to share data between systems. After a GRADEpro user connects their Cochrane (Archie) account, new import options will appear. Wherever “import from Revman 5” is available, there will now appear an additional option: importing directly from the Archie server.

When this option is chosen, GRADEpro will connect with the Archie server, allowing the direct import of reviews. Importing .rm5 files will still be an option, however a direct connection of data between GRADEpro and Archie brings several benefits not available in a project created by importing a review as an .rm5 file, e.g. tracking changes.

2. Data synchronization status

Thanks to the new level of integration, GRADEpro “is aware” of any changes made to the review in the RevMan 5 tool. Whenever an author checks in changes in RevMan 5 to the review stored on the server, GRADEpro receives this information and is able to show this. In evidence tables created with the integration, there is a new indicator informing the user about the status of data synchronization.

This indicator may be any of 4 colors, each representing a different synchronization status:Green - data are synchronizedRed - There are newer changes in the Revman 5 file. The user may choose to import or discard themYellow - Changes were discarded by the user. GRADEpro data and Revman data are not aligned (synchronization can still be done)Black - There is no live connection to Revman (the Archie server)The user can click on the colored icon to see possible synchronization actions.

The merge action will take the newest data from the RevMan tool and replace those data in GRADEpro, but data entered in GRADEpro, like comments and GRADE assessment, will remain unaffected.The two other actions allows the inclusion of the newest data only from the chosen source (either importing everything from scratch from RevMan or keeping the current GRADEpro version).

3. Data export directly from GRADEpro to a RevMan review

The new integration makes it possible to export a ready summary of findings table from GRADEpro directly to the proper sections of a review in RevMan. In any GRADEpro project with data connected to RevMan review, the user can find a new export option: “Export to Archie”.

Choosing this option will export the summary of findings table to the correct table section in the connected Revman review. This will happen with a single click, no manual export of .sof files is required any more.***

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this direct integration without a Cochrane account?

A Cochrane account and a review stored on Archie is required to be able to use the integration. Data are shared between the GRADEpro server and the Cochrane Archie server, so there is no possibility to use this functionality without either account.

Do I have to connect to my Cochrane account every time I want to import data?

No. The connection between your Cochrane Archie and GRADEpro accounts is established once. However for security reasons a user may be periodically asked to confirm permission for GRADEpro to access data on the Cochrane account.

Is this functionality available for everyone?

Yes. Any GRADEpro user with a Cochrane account can use this integration.

It seems my data are not synchronized with RevMan. What can I do?

You can check the following:

  • The data needs to be “checked in” in RevMan in order for GRADEpro to see the changes. Go to RevMan and make sure they were checked in.
  • In GRADEpro, check the synchronization status. If the icon is red or yellow, please click it and choose how you would like to synchronize the data. If the icon is black, please click it and re-establish a connection to the Archie server (the connection must have been broken).
I have a problem with this functionality. Where can I ask for help?

Please send us a support ticket by using the “feedback” function in GRADEpro, or write us directly at