HTAi 2018 in Vancouver – we were there!

This year The Health Technology Assessment international 2018 Annual Meeting took place in Vancouver, Canada from Friday, June 1 to Tuesday, June 5.We were there and had a little input to the programme. Our close contributors, Zuleika Saz Parkinson from Joint Research Centre, Jan Brożek, Gian Paolo Morgano and Wojtek Wiercioch from McMaster University and Evidence Prime CEO, Zbigniew Leś led the workshop “Use of Evidence to Decision frameworks in HTA: increasing stakeholder involvement and transparency”.

Using the lecturers’ own words, there is an increasing stakeholders' demand for both broader participation of patients in particular and a greater transparency in the entire HTA process. Use of explicit and transparent systems that consider all important criteria for making a decision, such as Evidence to Decision frameworks, supported by GRADEpro software, can help in this process.During the workshop the participants could try GRADEpro functionalities in the context of HTA examples.This fresh perspective can be useful for broad audience from HTA environment. If you are the part of it, it’s time to try GRADEpro as well!