Interactive Decision Aids (iDeAs) wait for launch

Do you want to know what’s new at Evidence Prime? Allow us to introduce Interactive Decision Aids (iDeAs), a new tool that will help patients and health care providers to make informed choices between alternative management options, especially in cases where the decision is sensitive to the relative importance and values that patients place on the benefits and harms. iDeAs also have the potential to educate patients about the benefits and harms of the management options, and to empower patients in the decision-making process.

Key facts

At the beginning, the patient has an opportunity to learn about the proposed therapies and thus to understand the context of the decision.Previously conducted tests with users show that this is a very important step for patients.


In the next step, the patient has an opportunity to read available data on the efficacy of individual therapy within the population and to review the recommendation of specialists.


The patient's individual preferences are an important step in making decisions. The user determines what is acceptable and what is not, which contributes to the final recommendation.

Risk calculator

After completing a short questionnaire, the patient will be able to calculate his or her individual risk of using the comparable therapy.

Final decision

At the end of the process, the patient is presented with a comparison of pros and cons for a particular choice. The patient can then decide which factors are personally more or less important.The user may also view an individual recommendation based on the stated individual preferences and the risk.

If you like technical innovations, especially those which make your work faster and more efficient, contact Eric to know more about our iDeAs: