Organizations are a new structure in GRADEpro, which allows users to collaborate more effectively, benefit from additional GRADEpro functionality (purchased by their organization) and keep the data secure within their selected group of members.You can think of organization, as of closed and controlled work environment within GRADEpro. Every organization has its administrator, administration panel and tracks progress of work in its projects. Also, GRADEpro extensions can be purchased on the organization level.

The Organization Admin

When we create an organization, you are able to choose a person, who will be responsible for its management in GRADEpro system. We call this person “Organization Admin”. He or she is responsible e.g. for creating guideline projects for your group/s and inviting collaborators (like editors, methodologist, systematic reviewers and guideline panel members) to projects. If an organization does multiple projects, organization admin chooses who will become a leader of each separate project. Organization Admin can but doesn’t have to be involved in every guideline done in your organization. It’s up to you, whether your organization admin will just manage the process or will also be involved in everyday guideline work.

Organization Admin manages the organization through a new website called Organization Panel”. Every GRADEpro user, who is an Organization Admin in at least one organization will see a link to enter this panel in his or her account menu.

Team management

Organization structure allows multiple individual GRADEpro users to be gathered together to create a team, focused on work on particular guideline project. Organization admin invites GRADEpro users to join the organization. Participation in such group allows not only better cooperation between users, but also grants them benefits purchased by the organization, like e.g. PanelVoice extension.Organization Admin can (through the Organization Panel) add/remove people in organization, decide about their access to defined parts of GRADEpro project etc.

The Organization Panel

The Organization Panel is a dedicated website which helps Organization Admin to perform high level project management tasks and control access to his or her GRADEpro organization.

Data Security

Organizations give an extra layer of control over the data. Organization admin keeps track of users, who are able to access data in the guideline project (only organization members can be invited to organization project). Additionally, project copy can be sent outside of the organization only by the organization admin.Those limitations add an additional level of data security for groups who wants to make sure only defined group of users has access to the data before publication.

Project Management

Organization admin has access to various statistics showing progress of a GRADEpro project.The team (performing evidence synthesis and recommendation development) is able to report progress of work on each clinical question. This way, the Organization Admin is able to track progress of multiple projects simultaneously: on the high level, but also drilling down to see details of individual questions.In project details admin can check progress of each PICO question.

Project Supervision

Organization panel brings possibility to review most crucial data without accessing the project in GRADEpro software. This opens new possibilities of communication between various roles in a guideline group. People like Panel Chairs are able to preview recommendation framework (EtD) data straight from the Organization Panel (read-only mode) and send comments to project leads, who prepare the data for panel meetings (e.g. research evidence) in GRADEpro.  

Projects Structure in GRADEpro

All users who belong to any organization have new entry page with “workspace” to choose. Every user who has academic or standard GRADEpro license has a “personal workspace”. Additionally, he will see a workspace to choose for every organization he or she is a member.

This way, GRADEpro user, who is active in many groups can have his or her content organized and can focus on projects he or she is currently working on, without a need to log in to a separate organization account.Organization projects provide such users all the benefits of an organization account, like PanelVoice access, Multi Comparisons module, premium presentations etc.