PanelVoice: examples of use

GRADEpro and its modules are engineered to improve the work of methodologists, stakeholders and experts in the field of evidence-based medicine, especially in developing guidelines or systematic reviews. While using GRADEpro and PanelVoice you can work online or offline, on a computer, notebook or mobile device.

We've tried to make the use of the add-on as intuitive as possible. Take a look at the examples on how to use PanelVoice to secure your decision-making flow:

  1. A methodologist prepares research evidence and proposed judgments for the assessment section of the iEtD. The proposed judgments are sent before the panel meeting to the panel group to gather their feedback and identify possible disagreements. The type of recommendation and the final recommendation text is formulated during the meeting and will not be sent through the forms.
  1. A methodologist decides to provide the panel with all the parts of the iEtD document proposed before the meeting. During the meeting the panel discusses any sources of disagreement and edits the final recommendation text.
  1. A methodologist decides to run the whole panel remotely. The research evidence is prepared for the assessment section but panel members are asked for their judgement decision on the full scale (non judgments are proposed by the methodologist). Moreover the methodologist  wishes to ask the panel members to propose the type of recommendation in the first phase. After the online discussion, based on the provided answers, the methodologist proposes the final recommendation text in the second phase, and expects the group to agree or disagree with it.

We understand that new tools require extra support. If you are interested in this functionality, don't hesitate to contact us at will gladly present all the benefits and features to your organization or group. Contact to schedule a suitable date of the online presentation.