PanelVoice for EVERYONE!


For almost 2 years PanelVoice has been modernizing the guideline development process. It allowed organizations like the WHO, European Commission or American Society of Hematology create recommendations more efficiently. It changed the way in which panels collaborate, by introducing a platform for asynchronous online discussion between experts. From now on, we would like to make this functionality available to a wider audience by providing free trial of PanelVoice to every GRADEpro user. You are able to use PanelVoice in every projects with up to 3 team members.All you need is a PICO question with Evidence to Decision table and at least one person checked as a panel member in the TEAM tab. Then you can go to PanelVoice module in the sidebar and try it out. Send the EtD form to yourself and your team members and start the online decision-making process. All panel members will receive emails with a link to an online form, which they can open in any web browser. They will be able to submit their decisions, provide comments and submit them to the system with one click. All results of such process will be collected by GRADEpro and presented in a familiar format of the Evidence to Decision table, accompanied with the information gathered by PanelVoice.

We offer PanelVoice to groups of all sizes. Check our pricing website and contact us for more information.