RecMap Usability testing

RecMap Usability testing

We invite you to help us improve the usability of the eCOVID-19 Recommendation Map & Gateway to contextualization (RecMap).

We would like to see the RecMap through the eyes of various groups of users and, with their feedback, improve the design.

We are looking specifically for people who have not yet visited the RecMap. Members of the public, guideline developers, policymakers, and anyone who is looking for information on COVID-19 or interested in guideline tools can participate!  

If you decide to join this testing, you will have the unique opportunity to influence the information and design mechanisms that are going to be used in the future dissemination of public health recommendations, whether they concern COVID-19 or other health issues of public importance.

Each participant will also be rewarded with a pre-paid virtual card or a coupon for $25.

Participants will be asked to join a virtual meeting with our development lead, who will guide them through a set of tasks related to the use of the RecMap. The session will last about an hour. The feedback collected will be of immense help to us in improving the website.    

To join, please complete this form or copy/paste in your browser.