Spring GRADEpro Update. Better control of large number of projects on user accounts

Some of our most active users, who often have a double-digit number of active projects on their accounts, reported problems with GRADEpro’s speed and a lack of information about data synchronization with the central server. To address this, we’ve made several technical enhancements which should bring a better user experience for GRADEpro users with large accounts. Additionally, users can now track the download progress of their projects and choose whether or not to actively synchronize data of projects with the central server.


A user is able to choose projects which she is not actively using at the moment and decide to not synchronize them with the central server. This will stop continuous data sharing for those projects and free up her internet connection for only those projects which actively require data synchronization, which will now load faster. When the user wants to return to an unsynchronized project, she may reactivate it and download all changes automatically by simply entering the project.Need more details? Contact our team support@gradepro.org.