Spring GRADEpro Update. New Evidence to Decision framework

The Northern Hemisphere is blooming with spring, so it's time to announce some fresh features that GRADEpro has just blossomed with. The last release of the software brought useful functionalities and visual changes:

The EtD table was redesigned to make working with it easier and more user-friendly. Now the user who is managing a guideline panel can collapse and expand the view on particular judgement criteria in order to focus the panel’s attention on the current topic.Inserting evidence tables into the research evidence field has changed to allow the user to conveniently nest their evidence in the table and at the same time not lose focus on other evidence data. The tables can now be expanded to full table view or collapsed; alternatively the evidence table can be opened in a separate window.

With it's modern look and functional EtD table GRADEpro is worth its own catwalk…

…and you can admire it from every part of the world!