The new beginning

Welcome to the new Evidence Prime website. As so far, information on the GRADEpro releases will be posted on our blog. We will try to familiarize you also with events related to GRADE Working Group and publication of articles on GRADE methodology.We recommend the article “GRADE Evidence to Decision (EtD) frameworks for adoption, adaptation, and de novo development of trustworthy recommendations: GRADE-ADOLOPMENT” published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology (January 2017, v. 81, pages 101-110). Professor Schünemann and his collaborators present a new approach to guideline production that the authors call GRADE-ADOLOPMENT. It combines the advantages of adoption, adaptation, and de novo development of guidelines. GRADE EtDs are a core component of the approach, as they transparently present setting-specific evidence. The approach facilitates structured interaction and deliberation with panel members during guideline panel meetings and can save important resources. is worth noting that GRADEpro has in recent months developed new tools of interaction within expert panel and decision-making within the guideline development team. PanelVoice and Panellist allow remote team members to contact, limit the need for personal meetings, and make sure they are quick to speed up the process and reduce meeting time (if meeting is needed).We are always happy to hear your feedback on GRADEpro's application and feature offerings.