Toward Evidence-Based Software Engineering with GRADEpro

The articles that mention our core software – GRADEpro, are usually written from methodological/medical perspective. The baseline is GRADE approach or dilemmas connected to systematic reviews preparation and the technical details are hidden. Last week the situation has changed ;)

We are very happy to announce publication of the article “Toward Evidence-Based Software Engineering” authored by our colleagues, Artur Nowak – Evidence Prime’s Chief Technology Officer, and Holger Schünemann – the Chair of the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact at McMaster and co-chair of the GRADE working group.The text has appeared in IEEE Xplore, the organ of IEEE Computer Society: Society’s interest embraces all aspects of theory, design, practice, and application relating to computer and information processing science and technology. And that is exactly what our article is about. It describes decision making in the context of software architecture. The authors analyse the process of investigating the shape of software by obtaining and processing of medical evidence.If you want to know the questions that the developers of Evidence Prime have asked during engineering the software, if you want to explore the GRADEpro internal life, the process of translating the philosophy of guideline development and evidence interpretation into software functions and the world of JavaScript, avoiding cryptic errors, problems with updating, all in the context of IT trends at the time, be sure to check out the article by Artur and Holger.