Webinar - The Power of Evidence-Based Medicine with RevMan and GRADEpro Integration!

The Power of Evidence-Based Medicine with RevMan and GRADEpro Integration!

Last time, in the GRADEpro webinar series, we were talking about the Panel Voice module, which makes the process of guideline development smoother. You can watch the webinar here: https://youtu.be/q4BNZ7T5DS4 

In this webinar, we  focus on another feature: RevMan Web Integration with GRADEpro.

Are you involved in conducting systematic reviews and developing evidence-based recommendations? Do you want to learn how to efficiently integrate RevMan and GRADEpro? These two powerful software tools, can enhance the quality and impact of your systematic reviews.

This dynamic webinar explores the seamless integration of RevMan and GRADEpro and how it can revolutionize your evidence synthesis and guideline development process. Our GRADEpro team provides practical insights and tips on how to effectively utilize these tools for assessing evidence quality, generating recommendations, and creating transparent and rigorous systematic reviews.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Gain a brief understanding of RevMan and GRADEpro, their functionalities, and their integration for evidence synthesis.
  • Learn step-by-step instructions on how to transfer data from RevMan to GRADEpro and generate summary of findings (SoF) tables.
  • Engage in interactive discussions with our team to share insights and address any questions or challenges you may have.


Rebecka Hall is Product Owner of RevMan in Cochrane. The last year she has focused on supporting the RevMan Web team in implementing the new study-centric workflow in RevMan Web to improve how authors manage data in Cochrane reviews. This workflow also enables sharing of data in the Cochrane library and between tools. Rebecka studied medical engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm before joining Cochrane in 2017.

Justyna Lityńska is a Product Manager at Evidence Prime. She provides support to users of GRADEpro and takes part in the constant improvement of its features.

Bart Dietl is the head of Product Development at Evidence Prime. He provides the pioneers of Evidence Based Medicine and the GRADE method with new solutions and leads the process of creating new tools that facilitate the guideline development process.

What will you learn?

  • Summary of Findings - Tables in RevMan managed by GRADEpro GDT
  • How to import data directly from RevMan Web to GRADEpro?
  • How to import data from RevMan Web to GRADEpro without a Cochrane account?