We have updated and improved the GRADEpro and RevMan Web integration.

For the past months, GRADEpro and the Cochrane Collaboration have been working together to design a better way of connecting the Cochrane's RevMan Web - a review authoring software - and GRADEpro's Summary of Findings table feature. RevMan Web replaced RevMan 5 version already a few years ago. Since then, it is also connected with GRADEpro's SoF table feature.

The mechanism of the connection is now more intuitive and user-friendly. The table edition and data synchronization actions have been separated.

The Edit table mode still allows the Cochrane users to choose freely which elements of the table to edit and do so quickly while in GRADEpro, including the labels for the intervention, the comparison, or the outcomes.

However, from now on, the automatic synchronization of the table in GRADEpro and the data from RevMan Web's analyses can only be triggered with a new function available in RevMan Web - the Edit and update option available through the Action menu.

You can read more about the detailed integration mechanism in our Knowledge base article.

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