Winners of the 100K GRADEpro GIVEAWAY!

We are delighted that our platform, GRADEpro, which supports the creation of clinical guidelines and recommendations, has gained the trust of many researchers, clinicians, healthcare workers, students, and other stakeholders worldwide. 

To celebrate the 100 000 users of GRADEpro, we organized a GIVEAWAY last month.

The winners were randomly chosen in a draw after meeting all requirements. Afterward, we contacted them with instructions on what to do to claim their prizes. 

The main prize consisted of three vouchers for participation in Level 1 INGUIDE: Guideline Panel Member Certification Course. The course will help the learners understand and describe the evidence-based methods for developing practice guidelines based on the GIN-McMaster checklist's relevant topics and apply the evidence-based methods as practice guideline panel members (more information here).

Our lucky winners were:

  • @meldbird1 
  • @Ragusa86
  • @tedabellera 

Moreover, we have also received some great comments from our users. So , we selected the most inspiring ones and will send the small packages with GRADEpro-related gifts from our team to all the winners!

Here are the winners and some of the selected comments:

  • @yassersamiamer2
  • @jishasarajohn
  • @arinbasu
  • @FunkyMohn
  • @lucbertolaccini
  • @prabhatkcb
  • @DassaeveB
  • @NeuroAhmad

Congratulations to all of you, and thank you for such fantastic feedback.

A package with the gifts will be sent out to the winners next week! 

Stay tuned and look out for the next contests!